Washing Machine Repair in Birmingham

With the advent of the electric-powered washing machine in 1908, washing laundry in the home has become extremely convenient. Although modern-day washing machines incorporate many functions and features, their basic concept remains the same. Greater Birmingham Appliance Repair of Alabama is pleased to offer washer and dryer repair located in Birmingham with same- and next-day appointments.

Top Things to Check Before Calling the Repairman

Although most washer repairs require a skilled professional, there are a few simple things you should check before you pick up the phone. If you’ve tried these fixes and still can’t identify the problem, call your washer repair service for help:

  • Check that your washer is plugged in and that the circuit to which it’s connected isn’t tripped.
  • Check that the plumbing valve connected to your washer’s hose is open—a closed plumbing valve is often the cause of a washer that won’t fill with water. You should also check that the hoses are in good shape and connected tightly to the valves.
  • Check the drain hose if your clothes are soaking wet, even after a spin cycle. If the hose is kinked, it could prevent the washer from draining properly during operation. A hose that isn’t draining could also be clogged with hair or lint; you can clean it out with a pipe cleaner or a long, thin brush.

Washing Machine Maintenance

Regular maintenance is the key to attaining maximum efficiency and longevity in all your appliances. A few simple maintenance tasks can keep your washer operating properly and reduce the likelihood of needing washer repair:

  1. Inspect your washing machine hoses two to four times a year for wear or cracks. Burst hoses are a common cause of home flooding. Regardless of condition, replace the hoses every three to five years. For the best results, use a hose covered with braided metal wire.
  2. A washing machine that isn’t level will vibrate or bounce, causing damage to itself or anything around it. Once a year, use a level to check that your washing machine is sitting level on the floor of your laundry room. Most washing machines have adjustable legs to change the height of the appliance.
  3. Soap and dirt can easily accumulate inside your washing machine’s rotating drum, clogging it and affecting its function. Use a washing machine cleaning solution once a month to keep the interior of your appliance clean.

If you are experiencing trouble with your washer, call Greater Birmingham Appliance Repair of Alabama today at (205) 603-6288. We will help you get your appliance working and keep it running with washer repair and maintenance in Birmingham.

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