A Look at Some Common Washing Machine Problems

Your washing machine can encounter a range of problems that may require you to schedule washing machine repairs in Birmingham . If your washing machine does not seem to be performing at the same level it used to, be sure to contact a reputable appliance repair company. For a closer look at common washing machine problems, read on.

Washing Machine Repair

Unresponsive Washing Machine
You may not need to call an appliance repair company if your washing machine is not turning on—it could be that your washer simply isn’t getting power. Check the circuit breaker, fuse box, or lid switch. Once you are sure the washing machine is receiving power, make sure the washing machine has cooled off; sometimes, the motor overheats and won’t restart until it has sufficiently cooled off. If your washing machine won’t turn on after you’ve taken these steps, it’s time to call a professional washing machine repair company.

Washer Not Spinning
If your washing machine isn’t agitating or spinning, make sure the lid is closed and make sure the water level control switch is not stuck. If you hear a humming noise when the washer is full of water, there may be something stuck in the drain pump. Check the belt, which is the part that is responsible for spinning and agitating the basket, and have it replaced if it is worn or damaged. Inspect the drive pulley and replace it if it has uneven spots, wear marks, pits, or other signs of damage. The coupler, which connects the motor to the transmission, can also get worn out and cause the washer to stop spinning.

Washing Machine Not Draining
If the water will not drain at the end of a cycle, check your washing machine’s drain hose for kinks and check the drain line to see if it’s plugged. Make sure the drain system isn’t plugged and that the washer drain hose is above the water level in the drain tub. A jammed pump or worn transmission gears can also cause draining issues.

Washer Won’t Finish Cycle
If the washing machine will not finish a cycle, it typically means that the timer has failed or stalled. The experts at an appliance repair company can remove the control panel and look at the contacts for signs of damage.