Advice for Cleaning Your Washing Machine

Many people do not think it’s necessary to clean the inside of a washing machine, but keeping it clean can actually reduce the likelihood that you’ll need appliance repair services. For tips on cleaning your washing machine, watch this video clip. If you need washing machine repair in Birmingham , be sure to contact a leading appliance repair company in Alabama.

To begin the cleaning process, fill your washing machine with hot water. Add a quart of bleach and begin a washing cycle. After several minutes of agitation, stop the machine and let it sit for an hour. While the washing machine is soaking, use an all-purpose cleaner to wash and wipe down the exterior of the machine. Next, restart the wash cycle. When it’s complete, restart the process with a quart of white vinegar instead of bleach. Complete this cleaning process two or three times per year to keep your washing machine in top shape.